Our Accounts for 2018

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2017 Accounts

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We have published our 2017 accounts which you may access below. If you have any queries please e mail


Signed accounts 2017

Thank you

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Thank you, thank you for all your support for Lucinda running the Marathon and of course especial thanks to Lucinda.
As the money was coming in I was going through our waiting list and offering families help. Some of these families had been waiting a year! Here are a few of their reactions and thanks to you.

First of all we are overwhelmed and overjoyed in equal measure that The Fred Foundation are able to help us.

Your email has been like a Godsend and at our lowest point miraculously funding could be available to carry us through this difficult time.
So for that we sincerely thank you. Your timing could not have been better.

The people and the organisations who have helped during this time should be aware that their contribution has made a significant difference and Sam would not be the boy he is today without their help.

Oh my God Felicity, can’t believe your email, don’t know how to thank you…it’s amazing!!!!
I was so busy last couple of days, just now seen your email, wow speechless. Thank you ever so much.
God Bless…

FANTASTIC news thank you so much. 🙂

I had to fight for my son. He needs ABA. Two years of fighting for ABA. Then without funds I literally felt as though I was in a battle and I had no sword. After all ABA tribunals are evidence based. As I almost gave up,cornered with no options. The Fred Foundation gave me £2000. I heard “you must fight on! do not give up”.
A million thank you’s is not enough. I am a fighter and I could not do this with out your help.
Dear Felcity!!!! omg!!!

I am in the process of lodging my appeal and I run out of funds!! You really have made my day!!! Honestly you have no idea what I am going through!!!

Thank you so much!!
Please keep thinking of The Fred Foundation

Thank you

Cheer her on!

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If you are attending the Marathon in London tomorrow, please cheer on Lucinda if you see her. She is bib number 52983. You can download an app to see where she is . Of course you can still donate to support her as well via the Virgin Money site.

We might pass the £15,000 mark as we are very close!! Thank you so much if you have already donated. Over the coming weeks I will be posting the comments of the families who directly benefited from your donations, so ‘Follow’ our site and you will alerted to the posts.

Marathon news -help us reach £10,000

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I did my last longest run a couple of weeks ago early on a Sunday morning. Moving silently and carefully around the kitchen, getting ready to go I heard a voice behind me, “what’s happening what’s happening?” It was my autistic son Fred whom my creeping around had still woken up.

His terrified faced, eyes welling with tears, all 6ft 3 of him completely naked, made my heart break anew at his vulnerability. I guided him back to his bedroom saying, “Daddy’s in bed, twins are sleeping, Mummy’s going for a run don’t worry darling”.

He got back into bed and then said even more desperately, “What’s happening, what’s happening? Mummy say!.” I repeated it back exactly as I had said it before. “What’s happening, what’s happening?” only came again.

As I repeated back exactly the same explanation a number of times, now close to tears myself, I thought I can’t do this 22 miles today. I’m not in the right frame of mind. Then, he seemed to quieten and lie back and I went.

I began to run, turning to look back at his bedroom window. His pale face was watching me through half-opened curtains and I waved. He didn’t draw the curtain back across until I had gone. I doubled back to check. The curtains were closed.

Now you might think oh well he just didn’t want her to go out like any young child.

My son is 17 and his autism means he just doesn’t understand the world. If things don’t happen in exactly the way he expects them to (and mainly you’re guessing at that all the time because he can’t tell you) then he feels utterly petrified at the uncertainty. Still a little scared boy, a boy who makes routines out of routines.

I know all of this, all of the time, but, seeing his pain doesn’t get any easier. God knows who will care for him after I’m gone is a constant in my head and today his naked vulnerability gets to me more than other days.

I turned my music up very loud.

Later…..back at home thinking ‘how the hell do I run 26 miles on the day after that 22 nearly killed me’, this note pinged up on my donation page.


Better do it then.

Why support us?

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I am sure you get many requests for money from Charities far and wide. Why should you support us? Here is one letter that I received from a mother we recently gave a grant to.

I got an email on a Sunday morning as I calculated my personal funds. As a single parent with three young children one with autism.
I found ABA by doing research, out of desperation. Who could help my child?! My GP had no answers, the doctors who diagnosed him had no answers. All they could talk about was speech delay and he didn’t even get one to one speech therapy. My sons behaviour had turned our lives upside down. A simple visit outdoors or visiting friends became impossible. I had no one to turn to. I could not afford ABA. However we needed it. It answered all the questions I had. The consultant became my saviour. As a mother I almost became depressed. My son would have two long meltdowns. I had no idea what to do. With ABA we slowly got a life again. ABA is and was vital for our family. I had to take funds from my other children, no days out, no birthday parties and clothes all from charity shops. I also reached a point where I could no longer afford ABA tutors. I put my young daughter with a childminder £6 per hour and ABA tutors start from £10 per hour and I started tutoring my son. The pressure became too much.
I had to fight for my son. He needs ABA. Two years of fighting for ABA. Then without funds I literally felt as though I was in a battle and I had no sword. After all ABA tribunals are evidence based. As I almost gave up,cornered with no options. The Fred Foundation gave me £2000. I heard “you must fight on! do not give up”.
A million thank you’s is not enough. I am a fighter and I could not do this with out your help.
Thank you for believing in us, my son is not disabled he is different.

We try and give sufficient funds to allow a family to pay for enough ABA so that they have the irrefutable evidence needed to persuade the LEAs to pay for the service themselves. A good number of families have succeeded thanks to our help. Fred’s Mum is running the marathon this year and on our Justgiving page we spotted a familiar name – a family we had helped some time ago. Here is what they said –

16.04.16 Good luck with the run and thank you Fred Foundation for all that you have done for our family without you Joel wouldn’t be in the school and getting the provision he has benefitted from so much.

We regularly run out of funds and have a long list of families waiting for help. We are the only charity doing this job although a much larger charity Caudwell Children often helps our families as well. We have virtually no administrative costs so the money you donate goes straight through to the families.Please consider donating to us today.

Adam – the first marathon runner?

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Here is an update from Adam who is running the London Marathon for The Fred Foundation. Do please click on the link and support his efforts to raise £5000!

I am slightly alarmed that it is already half way through March, which means the marathon is approaching with indecent speed. Having said that, training has progressed reasonably well so far, aside from the usual festive illnesses and injuries and I am verging on being capable of running for more than three hours without collapsing. Getting out of bed to run more than 15 miles every Saturday morning hasn’t been easy, but knowing that it will make a difference to the Fred Foundation is all the motivation I need.

Back on Line

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Sorry we have not been updating the site for so long. We have had a technical problem, but have still been busy on Facebook and of course answering your very many e mails and requests for grants. Many of you will know that we are a very small charity and unfortunately we have had to put your requests for grants on hold until we received more money. We will be in contact when the situation changes and lovely people are working hard for us all the time, so it will change. In the mean time do think about trying to raise money for The Fred Foundation. I am sure your friends and family are distressed by your situation and are looking for ways to help you. Why don’t you suggest they raise money for us? We have virtually no over heads, so almost 100% of money raised goes straight back to the families we help. We have a Justgiving page and can reclaim Giftaid if the donor is a UK tax payer. Do get in touch if you want some help or ideas. Our families need YOU!


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Dear Friend

It’s that time of year again…I thought I would talk straight away about Fred and his family  (Fred and his struggles were the inspiration behind my setting up of the charity) and  I know  many of you are interested in everything that happens to him and his family.

 Fred has not been a beneficiary of The Fred Foundation for four years since the family had to up sticks, sell up and leave their home to fight yet another battle for funding at a special school, this time in Buckinghamshire.

 Whilst their fight for funding was happily successful, for reasons too complicated to go into, the school placement failed after eighteen months with his parents trying to make it work for another two years.

 After this long protracted struggle with the school and the worsening, destructive behaviour at home, an accident necessitating the emergency services finally gave the family some much needed ammunition to counter the glacial speed of the official channels and provide the inarguable evidence that very, very sadly, Fred needed to be in a residential, specialist school.  After a further 3 month battle involving councillors, MPs and a wonderful policewoman, he was finally granted a place at an amazing residential school where I am delighted to say he is making great progress.  

 Fred is much, much happier. All his violent behaviours went within a month as he is now with people who are trained specifically in teaching children with autism and can understand him. The whole ethos of the new school is exercise, exercise and more exercise within a structured environment. He loves working on the school farm, climbing and riding.

The impact on the whole family and particularly the twins, after 14 years of battling against an intransigent, highly bureaucratic council and begging for help from psychologists, psychiatrists, Social Care, Education and Health departments has been profound – but slowly and surely, they are clawing their life back.

 The struggle is not yet over for Fred and his family as they battle to get appropriate support for when Fred comes home – the ‘powers that be’ seem to think that Fred’s autism has miraculously disappears over the holiday periods!

 This story proves once again how crucial it is to get the right education for children with autism. It makes such a massive difference for both the child and their families and is the reason why we set up The Fred Foundation in the first place – helping families to struggle on and fight for what is right.

 As you also may know the majority of fundraising done for The Fred Foundation was masterminded by Fred’s mum and I.   The sad story above may go some way towards explaining  why Fred’s mum has not been able to be involved lately – she has been trying to keep her family alive!  The family have barely seen any of their friends old and new and sometimes this makes them very sad and is very tough on Fred’s siblings.

 On a positive note we have appointed a new trustee to add to our happy band and we still run a very active blog helping and replying to desperate parents. Also, although we have significantly less money to grant, the numbers of people asking for help has not reduced.  Last year and this Christmas we will be making small awards to families to keep their various education programmes afloat, supporting them whilst they fight on for funding after losing at Special Educational Tribunals.  Often these cases go on to appeal at the High Court or are heard again at Tribunal.  Sustaining education programmes during this time is critical for these children and families and we are proud to say that our beneficiaries have a 100% success rate in finally achieving the right provision to meet their autistic children’s needs.

  To all of you that have helped them and us over the years, many, many thanks and have a lovely holiday season and New Year.


The Fred Foundation Newsletter DECEMBER 2011

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xmas logo puddings




Dear Friend,

 As Christmas approaches, you may have been wondering what The Fred has been up to in the last year.  We thought it best to let just a few of our families do the talking…

Maisy’s Mum


Our daughter is nearly 6, non-verbal and has epilepsy, autism, severe learning difficulties coupled with challenging and self-harming behaviour.  The Fred Foundation saved us in two ways:


Firstly, they helped us to keep funding our home ABA education programme after we had lost at tribunal when our appeal was 6 months away  This funding enabled our tutors to keep  working with our daughter and to deal immediately with her challenging behaviour and self-harming until we could get her into an appropriate educational setting. 


Secondly, without the Fred Foundation we would have sunk both financially and emotionally; the support and funding they provided gave us a real feeling of hope and that there was someone out there who understood what we were going through.  We can never thank them enough


Happily we won our case at appeal and our local authority has been ordered to fund Maisy at a school that can meet her needs!  Maisy loves school- she cannot wait to get there everyday and her progress has been astounding.  Self-harming is decreasing while eye contact and social interaction is increasing



Andy’s Dad


We heard about Fred Foundation and gave them a ring. In a very knowledgeable, understanding and professional manner we got help pretty much straightaway.


Andy still has a long way to go, don’t get me wrong but it is impossible to describe the feeling we have now, it is like we have grown wings. Every day (literally) we see our son making progress: saying new words and doing new things.


Fred Foundation is a truly very special and unique charity. It transforms people’s lives, gives them hope, but the best thing about it is that it took away that horrible gutting feeling  – mixture of “guilt, shame and despair” that a parent feels when they know what their autistic child needs now right now but cannot give them.


Mark’s Mum


Without the help of the Fred Foundation, there is no way we could have continued to fund his tutor to give him the amount of input he requires. You are THE ONLY people that have given us help and we have approached many. We can never thank you enough. Without this therapy, and of course a very gifted tutor, we are sure, BEYOND DOUBT, that he would be a very different boy, and as a family, life would be very different


 Jake’s Mum


After the Local Education Authority suddenly removed all financial support for our son’s ABA educational funding (previously awarded after SpecEd.Needs Tribunal and High Court action) out of the blue, a little of ray of light appeared in what was becoming a bottomless pit of anxiety, despair, confusion and instability.  That light is The Fred Foundation. 


The charity is unique in that it supports children whose parents have lost at Tribunal, but continue to need to give their children therapy and education which the LA refuse to provide – in my case recommended by every professional that has known and worked with my son.  This disregard for advice can mean that the most vulnerable in our society can be left to flounder and only have the promise of an uncertain and bleak future. 


Thanks to the unwavering support of The Fred Foundation, I have been able to keep the worst worries from my son and he was protected from the dreadful truth that we had lost everything at Tribunal.  Thanks to Fred he is making remarkable progress, he is achieving, developing and is able to venture into new environments.  I hate to think what would have happened without Fred.  Now I truly believe that he has a chance to contribute to society and hopefully experience the positive things in life that the rest of us take for granted. 


Some words from a few of our families, but this last account sums up exactly what we have managed to do for all our families, provide bridging finance to support their child’s education after they have lost at a Special Educational Needs Tribunal.  This enables them to appeal and fight on, in many cases at the High Court, in order to get their respective Local Education Authorities to provide an education that meets their child’s needs.


Absolutely none of this would have been possible without you so do please give yourselves a pat on the back or five. 


Many friends have been busy running/climbing/walking for us and raising funds.  However, with so many families crying out for our help, we have been getting through funds at an alarming rate and would love you all to speak to us if you have any kind of fundraising ideas.  You can use the Justgiving site to help you with your fundraising and now their Text service – text FRED11 to 70070 to donate funds to the charity.


Some of you will still have your ears ringing from the Fred Rocks 2 gig that Duff and his friends the Telford 6, Richard Haworth and DJ Miss Feelgood held last month in South London. We are glad to say we raised £2,000 that night so a big thank you to them.  Do watch our Fred Facebook page and website for upcoming photos and a YouTube link!  



Well  as  Christmas is well and truly almost upon us  it is time to remind you of the Easyfundraising site.

This is how you do it. Go onto   sign in and choose your charity to support – The Fred Foundation.  Pick the retailer you want to shop at and click on their logo. You immediately go to the retailer’s site as normal and shop as normal. After you have bought something you will find you have an e mail from Easyfundraising telling you how much money you have raised for Fred. Simple!


And, now, for those of you who want to know what is happening to the boy young Fred the inspiration behind our charity!  As you know his parents moved house solely for him. Happily he has been funded at school by Buckinghamshire for the last couple of years and continues to thrive.  Life is just as exhausting for his family, if not more so now as puberty hits, but at least his school life is happy.


And on that note, I am so happy to leave you with a piece of really special news – a couple of days ago now, Fred, aged twelve, asked, for the very first time in his life, for a Christmas present. “New Harry Potter dvd – want it for Christmas present”, he said. 


I am sure you can imagine his parents’ delight but please know also that without all your support for Fred over the last few years, he would never have got to this point.  His family was able to win their fight to get him into an appropriate educational setting and therefore give him the best chance to reach his potential.





Founder and trustee


Our accounts are available to look at on the Charity Commission’s web site