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The Fred Foundation is a tiny charity that gives grants to families to run ABA programs. We do not give grants for anything else. Due to shortage of funds we are giving priority to families who are working towards Tribunal to get ABA for their child. If you live in the UK, have a diagnosed ASD child, have not received funds from us beforehand and are appealing for a specialist provision for your child, then e mail us on


Recent quotes!

‘Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your charity helped my son. He is verbal and excelling in life. Your funding helped me win a tribunal to give him the support he needed. Thank you!!!’ ANON

‘We will never forget how much your charity helped our J xx’

Sponsor Fred’s dad

Many of you will know that this charity was named after Fred, the first child we helped. Although Fred no longer receives any funding from us, he is happily ensconced in a super school, his family remain constant supporters and fundraisers. In less than 2 weeks time, on Sunday October 9th Duff, Fred’s dad, will be running the Royal Parks half marathon on behalf of The Fred Foundation. No matter how fit you are it is always an effort to get geared up for such a long run, and he is making this effort because he knows how tough a couple of years it has been, for fundraising but most especially for our families. Please support us by sponsoring him via the link below. (All funds raised go to our families, minus a tiny amount for our accountant!)                       


Duff’s running The Royal Parks Half Marathon (Fred’s Dad)

I first ran the Royal Parks Half for The Fred Foundation 10 years ago and this year I’ll be doing it again.  The course hasn’t got any shorter and I don’t seem to be any younger but I’m still proud to be running for The Fred.  

The  charity, inspired by my son Fred, has been supporting children with autism and their families since 2007.  

It helps fund education programmes that allow kids to reach their potential through individualised, specialised programmes that match their needs instead of a ‘one size fits all’ approach.  Education is the only commonly accepted intervention for autism and in every case, the early years are critical to finding that child again and unlocking their world. 

The recent pandemic has highlighted, with sometimes heartbreaking results, how lack of the right support can cause immense suffering, not only to autistic children, but also their families.

Please donate what you can here – it will help The Fred Foundation and also inspire me to get round!


Donating through JustGiving is simple, fast and totally
secure.  Once you donate, they’ll send your money directly to The Fred Foundation and make sure Gift Aid is reclaimed on every eligible donation by a UK taxpayer.

Make Amazon pay!

You may be one of the people in isolation having to use Amazon to get things you need. It is annoying when you would rather support smaller companies. However, there is a way you can get Amazon to stump up some cash for your favourite charity. Amazon have come over all charitable and started something called Smile Amazon. Here is how it works.When you want to buy something via Amazon instead of going to their normal page –  go to or use the ink belowChoose your charity – The Fred Foundation – just type in that name and you are set up.

You shop as normal but Amazon will donate 0.5% of the net purchase price (excluding VAT, returns and shipping fees) of your eligible purchases, to the charity.You can choose to download a preference which will always open up Smile Amazon. This helps you to remember to use the correct page. It takes 2 minutes to set up and if you remember to shop this way we will get some money. We appreciate it is a tiny amount but if all our supporters do it we may get a significant amount, and we are such a small charity that any money is useful!It is about time Amazon gave something away so please do remember to switch.The Fred Foundation page on Smile Amazon


In light of all that’s going on around the world right now, a message to all of the parents and caregivers out there who have autistic children (or children with other special needs)…I see you

To all of you worrying about what to do tomorrow with no school, knowing how unsettling this complete break from routine can be, with no idea of when it might change again. Who know that their child just isn’t going to understand, and that the next few weeks and months are going to be full of meltdowns – I see you

To all of you whose kids schools are open tomorrow, who are being judged by others trying to figure out why your child gets to go to school and their’s doesn’t. Who are agonising over whether to send them, scared of the possible health risks, but trying to balance it with the health risks of being at home for an extended period – I see you

To all of you desperately searching online and in the shops for the few particular foods that your child eats, or trying to find the right nappies for your teenager, and are panicking as the shelves are empty – I see you

To all of you trying to figure out how you’re going to get your child to wash their hands as often as you’re being advised to, but whose child’s sensory system makes it incredibly difficult – I see you

To all of you worrying about what happens if your child gets the Coronavirus, knowing they won’t understand, and refuse to take any medicine. Who are scared of what might happen if they have to take them to hospital, and maybe even getting forcibly separated – I see you

To all of you who are petrified of what might happen if you catch it, if you get ill, if you have to isolate or end up in hospital, or even worse, die. Desperately worrying about who will look after your children and how they would cope without you – I see you.

To all of you trying to figure out how you get through the next few months with no school, no respite, and being a carer 24/7. Worried about the impact this time might have on your your kid’s mental and physical health, and your own mental health – I see you.

Know that you’re not alone. There’s thousands of families just like yours all over the world having these exact same thoughts.

Realising that, reaching out and speaking to others living similar lives will make this scary period that little bit easier. You’re not alone.

You’re stronger than you know and we’ll get through this… I see you ❤️

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