Felicity Ellacombe writes ‘Lucinda and Gilbert are running for Fred in the Royal Parks Half Marathon on the 11th April. This will be the first fundraising event we have been able to hold for a year, due to Covid. Both of them will be running in their home areas instead of through the Parks. If you would like to support them here are the links.


Our families have been having a tough time during the pandemic and sadly we have not been able to help them very much. Lucinda has described the problems very clearly in one of her recent posts.’

“Many autistic children with complex needs keep their lives rigid and routine-led to help them feel in control of a world they do not understand. Families have suffered greatly during the pandemic because their autistic children/young people, often with very little speech and learning disabilities, do not understand why they cannot stick to the routines that help them feel safe. If you have autism with complex needs – and will never understand what a virus is – you think it’s your mum, dad or caregiver stopping you doing all your usual activities. Can you imagine the impact of this on parents (the majority of them single) for months on end trying to cope with their children’s pain and lack of understanding every single day alone with no break – often sleep deprived?

Many neurotypical people will have mental health issues due to Covid, but at least they know why it’s happening and what a virus is.

I will be thinking of a particular person as I run/walk/stagger. Many of you may have read about the despair of a friend Olga Voronina/Freeman who loved her autistic son with complex needs SO dearly, but was taken to the brink during Covid. I will be thinking of Olga, my Fred and all of the families who’ve suffered so much during Covid – and continue to do so. Every donation goes straight to the families via The Fred Foundation and nothing is swallowed up by admin costs. Not many charities can say that.” x