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This entry was posted on Apr 17 2016

I am sure you get many requests for money from Charities far and wide. Why should you support us? Here is one letter that I received from a mother we recently gave a grant to.

I got an email on a Sunday morning as I calculated my personal funds. As a single parent with three young children one with autism.
I found ABA by doing research, out of desperation. Who could help my child?! My GP had no answers, the doctors who diagnosed him had no answers. All they could talk about was speech delay and he didn’t even get one to one speech therapy. My sons behaviour had turned our lives upside down. A simple visit outdoors or visiting friends became impossible. I had no one to turn to. I could not afford ABA. However we needed it. It answered all the questions I had. The consultant became my saviour. As a mother I almost became depressed. My son would have two long meltdowns. I had no idea what to do. With ABA we slowly got a life again. ABA is and was vital for our family. I had to take funds from my other children, no days out, no birthday parties and clothes all from charity shops. I also reached a point where I could no longer afford ABA tutors. I put my young daughter with a childminder £6 per hour and ABA tutors start from £10 per hour and I started tutoring my son. The pressure became too much.
I had to fight for my son. He needs ABA. Two years of fighting for ABA. Then without funds I literally felt as though I was in a battle and I had no sword. After all ABA tribunals are evidence based. As I almost gave up,cornered with no options. The Fred Foundation gave me £2000. I heard “you must fight on! do not give up”.
A million thank you’s is not enough. I am a fighter and I could not do this with out your help.
Thank you for believing in us, my son is not disabled he is different.

We try and give sufficient funds to allow a family to pay for enough ABA so that they have the irrefutable evidence needed to persuade the LEAs to pay for the service themselves. A good number of families have succeeded thanks to our help. Fred’s Mum is running the marathon this year and on our Justgiving page we spotted a familiar name – a family we had helped some time ago. Here is what they said –

16.04.16 Good luck with the run and thank you Fred Foundation for all that you have done for our family without you Joel wouldn’t be in the school and getting the provision he has benefitted from so much.

We regularly run out of funds and have a long list of families waiting for help. We are the only charity doing this job although a much larger charity Caudwell Children often helps our families as well. We have virtually no administrative costs so the money you donate goes straight through to the families.Please consider donating to us today.

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