Back on Line

This entry was posted on Mar 16 2015

Sorry we have not been updating the site for so long. We have had a technical problem, but have still been busy on Facebook and of course answering your very many e mails and requests for grants. Many of you will know that we are a very small charity and unfortunately we have had to put your requests for grants on hold until we received more money. We will be in contact when the situation changes and lovely people are working hard for us all the time, so it will change. In the mean time do think about trying to raise money for The Fred Foundation. I am sure your friends and family are distressed by your situation and are looking for ways to help you. Why don’t you suggest they raise money for us? We have virtually no over heads, so almost 100% of money raised goes straight back to the families we help. We have a Justgiving page and can reclaim Giftaid if the donor is a UK tax payer. Do get in touch if you want some help or ideas. Our families need YOU!

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